• IANAS - Inter-American Network of Academies of Sciences.

    We are the Academies of Sciences of the Americas...

    We are Scientists, Doctors, Engineers and experts of different fields working together addressing challenges on Water, Energy, Food Security, Science Education and Gender Equity in the Americas.

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    2016 A Year of New and Exciting Challenges


    General Assembly

    The IANAS General Assembly Rio de Janeiro. Joining the 100th Anniversary of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences.

    May 2016.

  • The IANAS Energy Program delivered in Rio de Janeiro their recent book available for free in English and Spanish


    Workshop 21st Century Food Security and Nutrition challenges in the Americas: A View from the Academies of Sciences

    Sponsored by the Leopoldine Academy of Sciences (Germany) and The Mexican Academy of Sciences

    September 2016.

  • IANAS Capacity Building

    II Regional Assembly

    The Costa Rica National Academy of Sciences and the Latin America and Caribbean Seismological Commission (LACSC) call scientists from the Americas for the II Regional Assembly, which will be held in San José, Costa Rica, from the 20th to the 22nd of June 2016.

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  • IANAS Women for Science

    Young Women Scientists: A bright future for the Americas

    To encourage young girls into the wonders of sciences, the IANAS Women for Science Program prepared this free publication in English and Spanish showing the science and lives of 20 young amazing women scientists in the Americas.

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    The Anneke Levelt Sengers Prize

    The Anneke Levelt Sengers Prize Committe announces that the winner of the prize is the Young Cuban Scientist Lianet Monzote PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences. We want to thank all Academies of Sciences participating on this Prize for proposing the names of outstanding young women scientists whose carriers are bright starts for the future in our region. Congratulations to all of them. April 2016.

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  • IANAS Women for Science

    IAP Women for Science Inclusion and Participation is Academies of Sciences.

    Report that includes the IANAS-Survey of Women in the Academies of the Americas. By Frances Henry with the support of the WfS Focal Points and the Academies of Sciences.

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  • IANAS Energy and Water


    The IANAS Energy and Water Meeting.

    November 2016.


    Executive Committee Meeting

    Hoste by the Mexican Academy of Sciences The EC Meeting Merida, Yucatan.

    January-February 2016.


    2015 A Year of IANAS Accomplishments

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    The Academy of Science of Ecuador (Accomplishments 2015)

    Induction of the New Members of the Academy Quito, Ecuador February 2015. IANAS supporting new Academies in the region.

  • IANAS Science Education

    Focal Points Meeting (Accomplishments 2015)

    Mexico City, 2015 Hosted by the Mexican Academy of Sciences.

  • IANAS Water

    Release of the book Urban Waters Challenges in the Americas:
    A View from the Academies of Sciences (Accomplishments 2015)

    In March 2015, the book in English and Spanish had 81,321 downloads only from the IANAS website

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    The IANAS Executive Committee ensures the continuity of IANAS Programs (Accomplishments 2015)

    EC Meeting hosted by the Colombian Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences Bogota, Colombia 2015.

  • IANAS Women for Science

    Survey of Women in the Academies of the Americas (Accomplishments 2015)

    A contribution of The IANAS Women for Science Program.

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  • IANAS Water

    IANAS-UNESCO Workshop Water Quality in the Americas (Accomplishments 2015)

    Hosted by the US National Academy of Sciences California September 2015.


    Since November 2011
    more than 14,597,000 numers of visits to the website
    with 6.48 terabytes data transferred

  • IANAS Women for Science

    Focal Points Meeting (Accomplishments 2015)

    Santa Cruz de la Sierra, September 2015.

  • IANAS Capacity Building

    Scientific Questions Associated with the Proposed Trans Oceanic Canal
    through Nicaragua (Accomplishments 2015)

    The workshop held in Managua in November 2014 on the “Scientific Questions Associated with the Proposed Trans Oceanic Canal through Nicaragua” helped to stimulate several publications in 2015 in the scientific and popular literature on the issues surrounding the canal project.

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  • IANAS Water

    Diagnosis of Water in the Americas (Accomplishments 2015)

    More than 1,342,400 downloads of the book only from the website of IANAS.

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  • IANAS Water

    Improving the management of water resources
    for sustainable development in Africa and the Americas (Accomplishments 2015)

    IANAS and NASAC experts on Water met in Nairobi October 2015.

  • IANAS Water

    IANAS Experts on Water in the Americas
    are now in Youtube (Accomplishments 2015)

    Youtube Channel

IANAS is the Inter-American Network
of Academies of Science.

Networks are powerful instruments for sharing and rapidly disseminating information, best practices and novel ideas through a larger community. By virtue of their credibility and independence from government, academies have certain inherent advantages in addressing issues related to science, technology and health (STH), and in advancing high quality science education at the national level.

Our Mission: is to strengthen science communities in the hemisphere and to provide an independent source of policy advice to governments on key scientific, technological and health challenges.

Our Vision: IANAS views strong science academies and vibrant science and technology communities as essential to sustainable development in the Americas.


Food Security in the Americas Initiative

21st Century Food Security and Nutrition challenges in the Americas: A View from the Academies of Sciences

The American hemisphere is one of the most environmentally and culturally diverse regions in the world. The region extends from polar through tropical environments in both hemispheres and agricultural systems vary from advanced industrial agriculture to small peasant agriculture. Thus, any effort to understand the food and nutrition challenges of the hemisphere must take this heterogeneity into account, as general averages are meaningless, if we are to provide useful advice to individual policy makers in the American hemisphere. Accordingly, IANAS proposes to begin by building a country-by-country expert assessment of the current status and future projections of food and nutrition challenges. Key commonalities and region specific issues will be drawn from this assessment.

Other International Scientific Organizations

  • The American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • The Global Network of Science Academies
  • International Council for Science
  • Organization of American States
  • The World Academy of Science
  • United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization