IANAS is a regional network of Academies of Sciences created to support cooperation towards the strengthening of science and technology as a tool for advancing research and development, prosperity and equity in the Americas.

Founded in the spirit of IAP in May 2004, the main objectives of the network are:

1. to assist in the building of national scientific capacities by strengthening science and technology relationships among the countries of the Americas, as a tool for societal development;

2. to cooperate in building capacities of the Academies of the region, through exchange of information and experience;

3. to aid in the creation of new Academies in those countries of the Americas desiring assistance in the establishment of a Science Academy; and

4. to influence the scientific decision-making processes in the Americas, with the goal of promoting prosperity and equity in the hemisphere.

Linking and strengthening the scientific community in the hemisphere, IANAS believes it may play a major role in contributing to the promotion of scientific capacity and excellence for sustainable development in the Americas.