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Katherine Vammen
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Katherine Vammen is presently the Deputy Director of the Nicaraguan Research Center for Water Resources of the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua.

She is the founder and coordinator of the Master’s Program, “Science of Water”, which has been accredited as a Central American Postgraduate Program. She has represented Nicaragua in the Interamerican Network of Academies of Science - Water Program since its foundation in 2004. Recently published papers include such topics as Water Resources and Climate Change in Nicaragua for CEPAL, Water Resources of Nicaragua and Water Supply and Sanitation, Serving the Rural Unserved for the Rosenberg International Forum on Water Policy. She coordinated and contributed to the chapter “Recursos Hídricos de Nicaragua” in the recently published book of the IANAS Water Program, Diagnostico del Agua en las Americas.

She has many years of experience coordinating multidisciplinary teams of specialists in research projects focused on the limnology and eutrophication of lakes and rivers of Nicaragua and watershed evaluations, studies which have been used by government authorities for management plans.

Nicaraguan Research Center for Aquatic Resources of the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua
and IANAS Water Program/Nicaragua