List of the National of the National Focal Points

Fernando Urquídi 
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Fernando Urquidi-Barrau, Ph. D., is a Bolivian Geologist with an Applied Geochemistry Ph. D. degree obtained at the Imperial College of Science and Technology, University of London.  He is a Full Member of the Bolivian National Academy of Science and has been a member and Past President of the Bolivian Geological College. He is the focal point of the IANAS Water Program for Bolivia.  He is also a member of the International Association of Exploration Geochemistry, the Association of Geoscientists for International Development, the Bolivian Association for the Advancement of Science (ABAC) and the Bolivian Association of Planning.  He is the author and/or co-author of more of 20 publications regarding diverse geological topics including water resources, geochemistry, mining strategy and projects.  He has worked in several private and public executive positions, the Bolivian Geological Survey, and for over 20 years he was a Senior Economic Adviser (FSN) for the American Embassy.   He was also a professor at the Universidad Mayor de San Andes, La Paz.