List of the National Focal Points

Daniel Conde

Daniel Conde is a Biological Oceanographer and has a PhD in Aquatic Ecology. His academic background focuses on basic and applied sciences, including aquatic ecology, conservation, and integrated coastal management, as well as curriculum development. For two decades he has executed research and education programs in biology, ecology and multidisciplinary environmental science, with regional and international partners. He led large teams of people and projects, mobilized important financial resources and published extensively. he has developed an extensive teaching career and mentored many young researchers. Increasingly, he has pursued a multidisciplinary approach to his career and acquired experience working and communicating with managers, politicians, and NGOs, at a Latin-American level and beyond. He now chairs an interdisciplinary group of professionals with diverse background, collaborating in the area of Integrated Coastal Management in Uruguay, in cooperation with other universities in Latin America, the Caribbean, and Canada.