Raúl Antonio Lopardo

Universidad de La Plata

BS in Hydraulic and Civil Engineering from the University of La Plata and PhD from the University of Toulouse. Full Professor of Hydraulics, University of La Plata. President of the National Water Institute. Former President of the Latin American Committee of the IAHR. Member of the Academy of Engineering of the Province of Buenos Aires, the National Academy of Engineering and the National Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences. Bernardo Houssay Award (1987), Enrique Butty Award (1988), José S. Gandolfo Award (1993), City of La Plata Award for Engineering (2011) and Trajectory Award from the Senate of the Province (2012). Konex Platinum Award in Science and Technology 2013 as the most outstanding engineer in Argentina in the period 2003-2013 in the field of Civil Engineering, Mechanics and Materials. He participated in model studies for the verification and optimization of most of the major hydraulic works designed and built in Argentina in the past forty-five years.