Lianet Monzote Fidalgo

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Miss Monzote was borne in Havana, Cuba in 1977 (38 years old). She is the mother

of a 10years old girl. Monzote obtained her PhD degree in Pharmaceutical Science in 2010 and is currently working at Parasitology Department, Institute of Tropical Medicine Pedro Kouri, Havana, Cuba.

Her research tasks started by standardizing a number of procedures in the laboratory

in order to screen products from different origins (natural and synthetics) with potential activity against Leishmania and other protozoan parasites of medical relevance. These assays concern the in vitro / in vivo evaluation of the products, the determination of their effect on host-parasite interaction, the study of molecular mechanism of action responsible of antiprotozoal and toxic effects, as well as the design and evaluation of final pharmaceutical formulations. The standardized methods covered different areas of pharmacology of antileishmanial compounds. In parallel, they could bring also the opportunity to support projects in this field during the last 15 years for the evaluation of Cuban potential products and from other countries. At the same time, experiences and knowledge have been transferred to students in conferences, practical sessions and thesis as promoter.

She had received 53 post-graduate courses, attended to 85 scientific meetings of

national and international level. Miss Monzote is a young professor of Parasitology Master Course at IPK, and she has organized and take part as professor in different national and international courses related to parasitology, pharmacology and quality systems management. In this sense, one of the higher competences was showed as promoter of foreign students from prestigious centers such as University of Havana (Cuba), University of Antwerp (Belgium) and University of Queretaro (Mexico). Her most relevant contribution to scientific research has been the publication of scientific articles in peerreview journals (see CV), which have increased the level of her laboratory, its visibility and facilitates the collaboration with international partners, including: Veterinary University of Vienna (Austria), University of Hunstville (USA), University of Antwerp (Belgium), Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Kerman University of Medical Sciences (Iran), Complutense University of Madrid (Spain), Technical University of Machala and Biotechnology Research Center of Ecuador. Recently, two awards from Cuban Academy of Science were received.