Aída Mencía-Ripley

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Dr. Aída Mencía-Ripley graduated Summa Cum Laude from St. John's University (NY) with a bachelor´s degree in psychology and a minor in philosophy. She completed graduate studies at The New School for Social Research (NY) and her Ph.D. in clinical psychology at St. John's University. Dr. Mencía-Ripley´s clinical training was conducted at Queens Hospital Center (affiliated to Mt. Sinai School of Medicine), Gouverneur Hospital-Roberto Clemente Center, St. John's University Center for Psychological Services and Padre Billini Psychiatric Hospital. She has received additional training at the Albert Ellis Institute, among others.
Dr. Mencía-Ripley has worked in multiple research projects since the year 2000 in areas such as psychophysics, racism, gender, and health. During her doctoral studies she was the recipient of a Research Fellowship for a project about racism and ambulatory bloore pressure which was funded by the National Institutes of Health (NHLBI). She has presented her research at conferences such as the Society for Behavioral Medicine (Massachusetts and California), Interamerican Psychologial Society (Bolivia), UNESCO House in Santo Domingo, the First Iberoamerican States Conference in Inclusive Education, among others. She has published in peer reviewed journals such as the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, Social Sciences and Humanities Review, Medicina Salud y Sociedad, and others.
In more recent years, she has applied her research knowledge to the development of sustainable research programs in the Dominican Republic. She has also conducted research on psychometrics; psychological factors related to adolescent delinquency; and she has created a science based monitoring and evaluation system for cooperation projects. Her work leading her university´s research department has led to the successful implementation of over 34 research studies and approximately USD 21,000,000 in funds raised for research, cooperation, and I+D projects since 2013. She has been responsible for the construction of 3 research laboratories at the University in the last 3 years.
She has won a number of awards and prizes for her academic work such as a Doctoral Fellowship in clinical psychology, scholarships from The New School for Social Research and the Association of Hispanic Mental Health Professionals. She is also a member of the Young Scientists Chapter of the Academy of Sciences of the Dominican Republic. She is also a member of the American Psychological Association, the Dominican Psychological Association and the Dominican Pierre de Coubertin Committee.