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John Boright
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Dr. John P. Boright is Executive Director of International Affairs of the US National Academies. International activities of the National Academies include cooperation with national, regional, and global groups of counterparts.  A central goal of these cooperative activities is to build the capacity of the science, engineering, and medical communities to successfully engage in meeting local, national and global needs, and to inform policy making. Boright has served in several governmental positions including: Deputy to the Associate Director for National Security and International Affairs, Office of Science and Technology Policy, Executive Office of the President; Deputy Assistant Secretary for Science and Technology Affairs, Department of State; Director of the Division of International Programs, National Science Foundation; and Counselor for Scientific and Technological Affairs, U.S. Embassy in Paris. He received a B.A. (high honors) and Ph.D. in physics from Cornell University.

Organization: National Academy of Sciences and IANAS Capacity Building Program/US