Mariana Weissmann


Mariana Weissmann
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C.N.E.A. Depto de Fisica, Buenos Aires, Argentina

"Doctor de la Universidad de Buenos Aires, Especialidad Fisica",1965.
Postgraduate studies at California Institute of Technology

Teaching and Research positions
  • Assistant Professor, Dept Meteorology, Buenos Aires, 1965-66
  • Visiting Professor, Institute of Theoretical Studies, University of Oregon, USA, 1966-67
  • Research Associate, Chem. Dept., Syracuse Univ., USA, 1967
  • Research Leader, Fac. Ciencias, Univ. de Chile, 1968-71
  • Associate Professor, Depto. de Fisicoquimica, Buenos Aires, 1973-74
  • Associate Professor, Depto. de Fisica, Uni. Simon Bolivar, Caracas, Venezuela, 1979-81
  • Professor on Sabbatical Leave, Autonoma de Madrid, Espana, 1990-91
  • Carrera del Investigador Cientifico, Conicet, Buenos Aires, 1972-2006
Present position:
  • Investigador Superior Contratado, CONICET, Argentina.
Participation in Academic Societies.
  • Member of Asociacion Fisica Argentina since 1960
  • Member of the American Physical Society since 1980
  • Consulted for refereeing in Physical Review B and Physical Review Letters.
  • Senior Associate Member,ICTP, Trieste, Italia 1979-82
  • Nominated as a full member of the National Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural
  • Sciences of Buenos Aires, Argentina on May 1996 (the first woman in this Academy).
  • Argentine representative since 2001 in the Latin American Center of Physics (CLAF).
Students graduated under my supervision:
  • Llois, Ana Maria; Levy Yeyati, Alfredo; Saul, Andres; Fabricius, Gabriel; Weht, Ruben; Guevara, Javier; Fu, Chu-Chun; Efeyan,Carlos; Farengo, Ricardo; Jauregui, Marcela; Simonelli,Gabriela; Errandonea, Daniel; Gomez Abal, Ricardo
Publications in refereed journals:
  • About 120
Subjects of interest:
  • Solid State Theory, Materials Science, Magnetism, Computer Simulations
  • L'Oreal - Unesco "For Women in Science" 2003