WfS-WG Actions: Networking


  • Within IANAS: cross-cut with all other programs.

    In June 2010, WfS-WG has worked with the Brazilian Academy to contribute speakers on gender aspects of science education for the IANAS Science Education Focal Points meeting and the day for science high-school teachers that followed the meeting. 

  • Use the WfS focal points network to stimulate academies to form WfS committees that can transform the institutional culture.

    In October 2010 the Brazilian Academy of Sciences has formed and provided funding for a Women for Science Working Group.

  • Collaborate with global and regional organizations that specialize in women's capacity building in science and technologyUNESCOGender Advisory Board - Commission on Science and Technology for Development (GAB-UNCSTD), Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World (OWSDW), Latin American and the Caribbean (LAC) women scientists' networks.

    An OWSD representative, Sophia Huyer, is an active member of the WfS-WG core, and in the 2010 calendar year she has participated in UNESCO, UN, and GAB conferences, as well as in workshops on gender issues in science organized by the Network of African Science Academies (NASAC), IANAS' counterpart in Sub-Saharan Africa, and the Academy of Science for South Africa (ASSAf). 

    The IANAS WfS-WG Argentina Focal Point, Norma Nudelman, keeps close ties with the UNESCO Regional Chair "Women, Science and Technology" in Latin America. 

  • With OWSDW, and based on a needs assessment by all focal points, develop the content for an IANAS Web site.

    Under the leadership of Sophia Huyer, WfS-WG sent a questionnaire to all WG members and focal points as to the desired content of the WfS-WG web page. With assistance of the IANAS Executive Offices at the Brazilian and respectively the Mexican Academies, the WfS-WG web page was started up under the umbrella of the IANAS web site in September 2010. The first phase of development of the web site was completed by the end of 2010. The web page will continue to be updated and extended.